World of Three Worlds

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The Basics - Kabola, first of the three continents of Partheus, is the largest and least advanced continent with humans ruling as tyrant leaders over the dragons. Having been through the Great War between humans and dragons, which lasted nearly a century, Kabola is well known as the continent on which dragons remain hidden and dormant. The land, itself, is filled with fertile fields and plains as well as raging mountains that stretch down the western side and reach for the North-East to the Temple of the White Woman. The largest of the plains is completely inhabited by humans, who have built many farms, villages, and even towns across the great soils. The humans have adapted well enough to fight against the harsh winds and blinding rains of the plains, and some farmers have even been able to maintain great orchards that are large enough to build cities with. The continent only contains one forest, the Verian Forest, which is heavily protected by the Dalin Elves and the Emerald Dragons. There is also the Black Bog, which contains nothing but Black Dragons in their natural habitat. Beneath the two mountain ranges reside the Myzra Elves and the Thortoni Dwarves. The greatest and most noticeable landmark is the lake that takes most of the space behind the two mountain ranges known as Lake Waconiba. In the center is Silver Tail Island, the home of the Silver Haired Rider.

The actual size of the continent is somewhat hard to interpret. However, to give a basic description to the general length of travel, one would have to ride a Syntiba (can run at maximum speed of 60 mph with average speed of 45 mph) for two months straight from Gareth to the mountain town of Lortania. Due to this, there is a sort of train station set up using great beasts called Bendrines. These creatures can carry anywhere from 20 to 70 people at a time (depending on the size of the beast) as well as shipments of basic supplies from town to town, farm to farm, at an average speed of 250 mph, greatly lessening the trip time.

Of the 67% of Partheus’s water, Kabola contains approximately 3% fresh water within the continent in the lake as well as all rivers. Of the 33% of land on Partheus, Kabola takes up approximately 12%, stretching to be much larger than the other two continents. To human residents of this continent, the land is known as the Mainland, while they refer to the planet as Kabola, perhaps because they do not know that there are other lands in the sea.

Gareth - The Ringed City of Gareth is the largest city on the continent that is not in ruins, and it is the capital of the Mainland. Sitting right in front of Mount Tarja with an easy trek around the mountain to Lake Waconiba, this city is known by all who reside within Kabola to be impossible to destroy. Originally known as the city of Tarjana, Gareth was build in the year, 2431 BD (Before Dragons - Explained Later) and nearly five hundred years before humans began to hunt dragons. Only after the Great War ended, and the famous dragon rider, Gareth, came to reign in the tyranny of humans, did the name of the city change. Unfortunately, Gareth fell to a mortal blade not twenty years later. However, in order to keep the name, the great Kallydran (Onyx) Dragon, Allara, warned the citizens that were the name to change, she would bring the wrath of her Inhalla down upon them. The name has remained since then.

The City, itself, is comprised of seven rings, each ring surrounded by a thick wall of solid stone and concrete hardened with the architecture of dwarves and the thick breath of Amethyst Dragons, rising at least 200 feet high each. For centuries more, these walls may stand - at least until the magic wears off, which none have figured out how long that might be. Within the rings live the people, their social structure rising with each ring. As the city goes in, so, too, does it rise, each ring higher than the previous, making it appear somewhat mountain-like.

The first three rings, each with two entrances - East/West, North/South, East/West, respectfully - contain half of the population of the city within, filled with architects, blacksmiths, and the people who work with their hands. The second ring, in particular, is filled with fertile farmlands maintained in particular to keep the people of Gareth well-fed. The first ring, which is also the largest, is also the place where many travellers - be they human, dwarf, or elf - come to stay for a night or two before continuing their journey. However, every traveller is always warned that items might be stolen in the night, and they are advised to keep all valuables close. Due to this, many travellers have been found sleeping in the stables with their Syntibas to keep their mounts from being stolen. The buildings within this ring are mostly run down, and some are even abandoned. In the shadows of alleyways, the glint of a blade can almost always be seen. The smell of smoke rising from the buildings mixes with the gunk on the streets, making it hard to breath in the thick of it without covering one’s face with a cloth.

The fourth and fifth rings, each with a single entrance, - North and South, respectfully - contains the middle class within the city. This includes the scholars, wealthy merchants, business owners, and lower-level politicians such as the priests of the temples (yes, they are the politicians of the city). These two rings are much more taken care of. Houses are larger and better-built. Restaurants and afternoon spas dot the cityscape, and along the sides of the roads, many different aesthetics are placed, such as small trees that flower and little plants to brighten one’s day. The fourth ring contains one temple to their Almighty God - who happens to be the god-killer and creator of humans, Varon - in which the humans go religiously to pray. The building is massive, easily taking up the space that could be used for four or five luxurious houses, and stands five stories tall. The fifth ring contains two identical towers, one of which is placed right beside the entrance for those of the lower rings to come and pray, as they have nothing more than small churches spread across the rings.

The sixth ring contains all of the most important people in Gareth, save the king. It is the second smallest ring, and the houses are built the biggest and most luxurious. This part of the city is the most well-built as well as the cleanest, and oftentimes the fine fragrances of home-grown flowers and bath oils can be smelled from above, and the long, low-lying houses of the nobles stretch out in elaborate patterns. This ring also only has one entrance, located in the East. There are also a total of three temples, each ruling over one of those in the lower district. The three High Priests of Varon also reside here comfortably.

The seventh and final ring contains only the Castle of Gareth and all its luxurious space. Though there is, in fact, a wall, the castle, itself, resides upon the peak of the small mountain, high enough to be seen all throughout the city. And because the city stands unopposed, there are no extra defenses to ruin the aesthetics of the castle. No one really knows what goes on inside. In fact, the people aren’t really sure if there has been a king since Gareth, as the Priests took over from his rule. However, the grounds are maintained at all times, and the great building, itself, is kept clean and kept. In the very center of the courtyard is a fountain, and in the very center of that fountain is a massive and beautifully sculpted statue of a massive Kallydran Dragon, upon whose back rides their last and greatest king. Despite the efforts of the High Priests, this fountain has yet to come down.

Notable Places in Gareth -  In the first ring is a traveler's tavern known as The Horny Dragon. The building is very noticeable within this district, as it is more suitable for the middle section of the city instead of the lowest ring, built with beautiful white oak stained lightly and light stone tiles crafted by the exactness of dwarven hands. It stands two stories tall and is built large enough for an upstairs inn complete with fifteen different rooms. The entire bottom floor, of course, holds the tavern where the owner, Gary Stakkam, tends the bar and tells fantastic stories of dragons and war. Bards sing merry songs on a stage built to slightly rise from the floor in the far left corner, the acoustics of the room made well enough for the music to travel across the whole bottom floor. Round tables, each with four to six chairs, scatter the floor, and wenches are seen traversing them expertly to give fine folks their drinks and food. Simple stools rest along the length of the mighty bar for any who wish to hear the tales of the famous Stakkam. And if one is real desperate, the wenches offer another service if the room is paid for - the extra money is provided to the women directly, of course. In this bar, people come to be merry and forget the hardships of life. Gamble, dance, sing, and chatter - not to mention drink! And to complete this offer, Gary Stakkam guarantees that all travelers leave with the same items they came with, save the coins they spent, of course. Recently, there has been talk of renovations so that more travelers can stay the night.

In the fourth ring, resting on the side of what might appear to be a cliff face, is Armond’s Academy of All Things Magical, the greatest and most prestigious school in all of the Mainland. If one would like to know whether they have the gift of a magician, they come here to learn. The building, itself, appears to be a small stone castle jutting from the side of a cliff to hang over the wall that divides the fourth ring from the third, complete with tipped roofs and small towers, and the only way to enter is by the magical elevator of the mages within. However, once entered, one cannot leave until they have the means to get down, the only exceptions being those who do not possess the magical gift of the Aura. Due to this, few young mages actually gain the courage to go in. Those who do come out as powerful and wise mages, oftentimes leaving the city in hopes of finding their own place in the world.

Places of Note -

The Ruined City of Ranas

Temple of the White Woman

Silver Tail Island

Cornan Desert

Serana Desert

Verian Forest

Obsidian Peaks

Phoenix Isles

Plains of the Pilgrim

Thruskior Mountains

Mykartha Mountains

Mount Tarja

The Black Bog