World of Three Worlds

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Artwork is currently being renovated with names of artists attached. Please, bear with me as I try tracking these artists down. Images that have been modified to contain multiple works of art will be given due credit as time allows.

Welcome to Partheus               

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Partheus, a world of many mysteries to discover and enjoy.

Please, explore the beauties that this world has to offer.

But be warned.

There are many things you will find absent on this site. I would like to ask you to remain patient as we slowly build on the aspects of each part of the world, and I would also like to remind you that everything written and published on this site is copyrighted.

Thank You

A Hello from the Creator          

Hello, and welcome to my site. I'd like to first introduce myself before continuing on to explain why you are here today.

My name is Mowkie, and Partheus is my world, the product of years of various forms of development. If you have stumbled onto this site by accident, please feel free to read through and gather your own ideas. If you are here because you were directed through an exact link, you're probably here to for a role play. You see, Partheus was built so that stories could be told. And all of this lore was created so that the proper stories could be developed. 

On here, you will find valuable information on the planet, Partheus, and its three continents. This will include basic race information, particularly info on the dragons and playable humanoid races. Read at your own leisure.

Also, I'd like to encourage you to develop your own ideas from mine, as my own ideas were developed through other stories. But please, don't steal them. Creativity is part of the fun.